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How to Measure Quality? Featured

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A lot has been written on how to measure various aspects of software development. The metrics range from lines of code, security defects to user satisfaction. In any scientific measurement effort, you must balance the sensitivity and the selectivity of the measures employed.

No metric is perfect. We need to understand which of the metrics make the most sense and contribute to a well-balanced and informed decision making. Software quality is a multi-dimensional concept. The views of a developer vary vastly from those of a business sponsor to an end user. One way of defining software quality is - Quality is a measure of how well the product serves its customers.


In general we want to address user’s requirement and meet them. However, before we release the product / services to the end user there are 2 other sets of groups that are important to this process – the team which helps in building of the product / services and the business sponsors. Each group is critical to the success of the product and has its own needs for quality and metrics.

Some of the significant and useful metrics for each of the groups are as follows:

Metrics for the users:

  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Support

Metrics for the development team:

  • Code maintainability
  • Code efficiency
  • Code security
  • Structure of the code
  • All of the user metrics

Metrics for Business Sponsors:

  • Meeting objectives
  • Meeting delivery dates & schedule
  • Meeting budgets
  • Repeatable process
  • All of the user metrics


No discussion on metrics will be complete without talking about “Defects”. One of the traditional ways to measure quality is with Defects. You can measure number of defects found during and after the release as well as the ratio to determine the efficiency of your team. Defect measurement is essential to provide overall feedback among the teams and from the customers however, just defects alone do not provide a complete picture of the product quality. 

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