Tanya Kravtsov

Tanya Kravtsov

Tanya Kravtsov is a Head of Automation and Continuous Delivery at ROKITT. Previously Tanya established the Quality Management group at Syncsort and was driving the Continuous Integration and Delivery effort, working with DevOps team to adapt tools like Jenkins, Chef, Selenium, etc. Previously, she worked as VP at Morgan Stanley leading a Test Automation group of 50+ engineers. Tanya is a founder of DevOps & Automation NJ Meetup group.

Last Friday I had an honor to speak at the Jenkins User Conference held in a state-of-the-art conference space at Hilton Alexandria Mark Center at Washington D.C.  Coincidentally, the Keynote Speaker for that morning was Gene Kim

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 16:13

Why Does Automation Fail?

Automation is supposed to save the world - testing world that is.   There are a lot of myths around test automation -  Testing can be 100% Automated;  Automation is a lot faster than manual testing;   Automation can be designed in a way so that it’s maintenance free;  Automation can be created without any scripting.   While Automation can truly accelerate the software development lifecycle, if done for the wrong reason or not implemented in the right way, it can actually hinder the progress. 

Tuesday, 09 June 2015 13:05

10 steps to Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is defined as a development practice that requires developers to merge code with a shared repository several times a day.  Each check-in should be verified by automated build and test, allowing development teams to detect problems early.  While Continuous Integration can seem like an obvious process to adapt, it has only recently started gaining momentum, especially in large enterprises. 

Wednesday, 06 May 2015 15:02

Is There a Place for QA in DevOps?

DevOps has been around for several years, but there is still a lot of mystery around the term. There are as many definitions of DevOps as there are tech blogs and articles out there. So what is DevOps?  Is it a buzz word, a process, a tool, an answer to all our questions? Or is it like the Cloud.

Sunday, 05 April 2015 11:56

Agile Testing

Since beginning of time, Quality Assurance a.k.a. Testing has been treated as necessary evil mandated by Upper Management in order to release a product. In the traditional Waterfall model, it was the only roadblock standing between Developers and Production Deployment.