ROKITT lab is where ROKITTers research, develop, pioneer, play with next-gen engineering, prototype their ideas and algorithms, play with software integration and develop new ideas by “immersing” themselves into their passion for technology and software engineering.

At ROKITT labs, we’re constantly working on pioneering out of the box concepts that challenge conventional wisdom and can transform the way we conduct our daily lives. We work on bleeding edge technologies to simplify the complexity in our daily lives where none needs to exist. We abhor monotony and dare the traditional ways of conducting business that we have become so accustomed to.

To that end, we’re constantly looking out for opportunities that harbinger new business ideas and need technology enablement to catapult to ground-breaking yet simple solutions to the world.

Our global presence not only helps us with a wide business and consumer reach, but we also leverage it to blend in flavor from other parts of the world.